Me once again!

Well it's in - the first bid for Aussie Nash Hash 2021 - that's the one after our Exciting Extravaganza in case you didn't know!

I think it will create a bit of a stir!

Australia has been exporting lots of jobs & industries off shore over the last few years, so it is about time that Hash got up to speed & sent Nash Hash offshore as well

Fiji has put their hands up for the job of hosting the 2021 Aussie Nash Hash in Nadi in conjunction with a new regional Hash - the South Pacific Hash.

With great Government support, experience with running Interhash, it is a serious bid.

With no Aussie Hash clubs willing to do it – still time to put your hands up – it is on the table

There will be a link to Fiji’s bid & more information about South Pacific Hash here soon.