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At FNQ2U Nash Hash Port Douglas and surrounding areas we can offer amazing run sites in and around rainforest, sugar cane, babbling brooks, torrential rapids, white sandy beaches, mountainous trails and much more.

Port Douglas started life in the gold rush era in late 1800’s when it was a working port for the transport of gold & tin. These days it is visited for its natural beauty and as a stepping off point to the Great Barrier Reef and the surrounding rainforests. 

All the local FNQ Hash clubs are involved in some way or other, so it will be a real experience of Hashing in the Tropics but without the all the hassles of going overseas and all the uncertainties that entails.

But I am not doing this by myself. I have a full Cabinet to help

GM Mole'
On Sex
DNAMole's right hand man woman                      
Hash Cash & Rego
Transport Dunno
Velocipedal advancement                  
Mctaf & Retard
or Bike Hash
Haberdash Kotex
Venue Layback
Hares/run coordinators
Master Farter, Prostitute, Knee Trembler                    

Safety & Security
Complaints Someone who cares

Web page & Facebook
Mofl & Xtractit

WeedDoes what he is told
Many More Jobs
Many more Hashers

We did have 2 hashers apply for the position of Minister for GPS, Lost & Found  from Brisbane & Wrong Way from Townsville but neither could find the venue.

More positions to be announced when we can get volunteers
But for now
Bazza, the smiling mascot